Judge Judy: Parents Need to Teach Kids Right From Wrong

Judge Judy says there’s a reason why Generation Z is getting a bad rap – it’s because they deserve it. Watch her comments below:

Generation Z refers to those born between 1997 and 2012. Many believe that generation to be lazy, entitled, and obsessed with technology.

Judge Judy, who was born in 1942, told Fox News today’s kids have been coddled by their parents.

Back when she was growing up kids only got trophies if they actually won something. These days – everyone gets a trophy — just for participating.

“I grew up – and that’s not the Greatest Generation – but when I grew up, you ran a race, you came in first, you got a trophy,” she said. “Sometimes you even got a second place prize. Even the Olympics have three prizes. But if there are 20 people in a race, and everybody gets a trophy, you get a trophy for first, second, third, fourth, Most Congenial, Best Outfit, Best Sportsmanship, Most Personality, Best Joke. So everybody gets a trophy.”

Judge Judy says a big part of the problem is parents. Instead of teaching them right from wrong, moms and dads these days are more focused on being their kid’s best friend.

“You grew up with that group of kids with parents who I think mistakenly wanted to be their friend more than a parent,” she said. “And it may be that they were busy working households and both their ABCs and their morality were taught in school, which to me is a big mistake. You’re supposed to learn good things at home and ABCs in schools. Easy.”

74 percent of managers and business leaders say Gen Z employees are harder to work with. That’s according to Forbes magazine. Lack of effort, motivation and productivity are among the biggest complaints.

Not to mention that many kids in that generation can’t even tell you their preferred pronouns.

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