JUDGE: Parent Can’t Opt Preschoolers Out of LGBT Lessons

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In the early days of the culture wars, parents were at least given the opportunity to opt their children out of lessons that might violate their values. But those days are long gone.

And the school district in Montgomery County, Maryland has literally stripped away parental rights.

Moms and dads no longer have the right to opt their children out of sex classes. They are actually forbidden to even know when their kids are reading or discussing books on sexual orientation, gender identity and gender transitioning.

The Federalist Society learned that preschoolers were provided books about gay pride parades and were given instruction on drag queens and sex workers.

Another book encouraged kids to treat pronouns like the weather. They change depending on how you feel.

A parent filed a federal lawsuit – urging the court to reinstate the opt-out, but the judge sided with the school district.

The court concluded that “the plaintiffs’ asserted due process right to direct their children’s upbringing by opting out of a public-school curriculum that conflicts with their religious views is not a fundamental right.”

Becket senior counsel, Eric Baxter told National Review the school board “should let kids be kids and let parents parent.”

“Today, the district court decided parents have no right to notice when extreme ideology is pushed on their elementary-age children during story hour,” Baxter tweeted. “With the new school year beginning, the case is on the fast track to the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals—and the parents plan to appeal the decision.”

“Children are entitled to enjoy a period of innocence and be guided by their own parents on how and when to approach the complex and sensitive issues being pushed by the School Board,” he added.

And if your public school refuses to tell you what your kid is learning in the classroom, you might want to consider homeschool.

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