UPDATE: School Says ‘Insubordinate’ Parents List is Fake

UPDATE: The Lovett School has responded to social media reports that they created an insubordinate parents list. A spokesperson for the school tells the Todd Starnes Show that the item posted on social media is “a completely fabricated email and list.”

Following is their full statement:

Thank you for reaching out. Let me begin by explaining this is a completely fabricated email and list.
Some backstory:
As many people know, Lovett and other independent schools in the area have been the subject of slanderous emails, social media, and other messages that continue to circulate. Typically these messages are from one anonymous person and are always filled with inaccurate accusations and misrepresentations. We crafted the following response earlier this year and stand by it: We welcome constructive criticism but will not support misrepresentations about our Lovett community.
It appears they have taken it a step further by constructing a fake email. We can tell it’s fake for a variety of reasons—our servers do not display emails in that way and no such email exists on our server.
The administrators used in this attack are distraught as they and the School consider all of these families valuable members of our community. Many individuals on this list are dear friends of those who purportedly sent this email.
We are reaching out to all individuals mentioned today to convey this same message.

The Lovett School

Here’s the original story:

The Lovett School, a prominent private school in Atlanta, reportedly placed a number of moms and dads on a “insubordinate’ parents list.

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Radio host Monica Matthews posted a screenshot of the purported list on her social media page alleging the school compiled a “parent target list.”

“I’m disgusted by some of these parents,” a staffer wrote, saying they needed to “prioritize our efforts as some have too much influence.”

The Todd Starnes Show staff reached out to The Lovett School to confirm the authenticity of the list as well as to discover its purpose. When the school responds, we will post an update.

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