Kansas City Cops Bust Up Neighborhood Parade of Grade School Teachers

Kansas City police busted up neighborhood parade of grade school teachers and administrators under orders from the state’s Democrat governor.

Teachers at John Fiske Elementary School had planned on driving through neighborhoods surrounding the school to greet children as they drove me.

But the Lion Pride Parade 2020 was “abruptly ended by local authorities,” school leaders wrote on Facebook.

“It breaks our hearts but we got to see a lot of you, regardless,” the devoted teachers wrote. “Families, sorry to inform you that the parade was abruptly ended by local authorities because we are not essential.”

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Nancy Chartrand, public information officer with the KCKPD, told Fox News officers were only following state-mandated orders.

“The governor’s order is the governor’s order,” Chartrand said. “Only necessary, essential. That’s what they’re supposed to be out for.”

The local Fox television state reports no one was arrested or cited.

When the police department starts enforcing unconstitutional laws, they become a part of the problem.