Lawmaker Wants to Jail Parents Who Refuse to Affirm Child’s Gender Identity

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A Virginia lawmaker floated a trial baloon the other day that stunned parents.

Delegate Elizabeth Guzman wanted to reintroduce legislation that would charge parents with a felony or misdemeanor if they did not affirm their child’s sexual orientation and gender identity.

Guzman is a social worker in real life.

“As a social worker & mom of 4, I will always fight to protect LGBTQ children from abuse,” Guzman tweeted.

She said her legislation is more about educating parents and telling them that you can’t abuse your kids because they are gay.

“Using Child Protective Services to intimidate and threaten parents is abhorrent,” said Hung Cao, a Republican candidate in Loudoun County. “Elizabeth Guzman has overstepped her responsibility as a Virginia delegate by proposing a law that, to its core, seeks to separate children from parents.”

Governor Glenn Youngkin said children belong to their parents, not the Commonwealth of Virginia.

“What we saw is a clear statement of what the progressive liberals believe. They believe if parents try to be parents they should be investigated,” Youngkin told television station WLJA. “We saw Attorney General Garland out of the U.S. government investigating parents for standing up at board meetings. We saw my opponent last year stand up and say parents don’t have the right to see what’s being taught in classrooms.”

I wrote a book called, “Culture Jihad.” I warned Americans that the day was fast approaching when people would be thrown in jail for refusing to bend a knee to the LGBT agenda.

My fellow conservatives laughed at such a notion. Well, they aren’t laughing now.

Taken to the extreme, a parent could actually be arrested and thrown in jail for refusing to acknowledge that their child is a dinosaur or a Shetland pony. Click here to read my book.

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