Librarians Defy Parents, Promote Inappropriate Books

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Educators in Langley, Virginia are angry. Angry that their propaganda campaign has been exposed. Angry that parents are fighting back. 

Should parents have a say in their child's education?

And now the educators are back on offense. 

In recent days parents have been exposing some of the pornographic books that have been smuggled into public school libraries. Material that has no business being in front of underage eyeballs. 


So defiant librarians have pushed back — not only refusing to remove the books – but actually promoting the books. 

At Langley High School the librarians set up a display featuring many of the books that have caused controversy. There was also a big sign on the display: “Stuff some adults don’t want you to read.”

“I thought that this was such a childish sign for the high school to put out there, kind of thumbing their nose at parents,” parent Carrie Lukas told NBC News. “It’s not about the books; it’s about them trying to kind of entice kids to something as if it’s forbidden fruit. It’s using the language of pushers. It’s just incredibly inappropriate.”

School leaders apologized once word of the display leaked to local reporters.

“The sign was incongruent with the beliefs of our school and our school division. Poor judgement was used in its display, and for this I take full responsibility,” said principal Kimberly Greer.

But it was more than just an error in judgment. It was a thumb in the eye of every parent in the district – and a reminder – that for 8 hours a day – they control everything your child is exposed to. 

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