Memphis-Area School Hides Child’s Preferred Name From Parents

A suburban Memphis school district is facing outrage from parents over accusations they are covertly pushing a pro-transgender, pro-LGBT agenda in a high school theater program.

KWAM News Radio 990 AM obtained documents alleging that students at Houston High School in Germantown, Tennessee were asked about their preferred name and their birth name. They were also asked to provide a name they wanted teachers to use “in front of parents.”

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The information was on an audition form for the high school musical. Another form asked students to select their preferred pronouns. Options included he, she, they and “other.”

“This policy clearly denies parents the right to know what type of identity their child is engaging in while in the care of the school system,” one concerned resident told the radio station. “This is completely unacceptable.”

The Germantown Municipal School District has yet to respond to our inquiries into the incident.

Nicole Solas, a senior fellow with the Independent Women’s Forum, blasted the school district.

“The school drives a wedge between parent and children and forces an ideology on kids who will feel pressured to comply,” Solas said.

A few weeks ago the school came under fire for allowing a boy to be a part of the homecoming court. The young man was introduced with female pronouns.

The incident sparked a heated discussion on the Shelby County Moms For Liberty social media page

“A trans boy dressed as a girl is tolerated, encouraged, and celebrated,” one mom wrote. “The loud cheers for this poor, lost child were unsettling.”

Parents stressed that the issue is not with the student, but rather school administrators and school board members who have not followed board policy. And it’s not the first time the district has been embroiled in a controversy over sex and gender issues.

And in yet another incident, there were reports that school administrators have allowed a boy who identifies as a girl to use the girl’s bathroom.

State Sen. Brent Taylor, a Republican, told KWAM News Radio that he had been contacted by concerned parents.“Absent some explanation or rebuke of a young man masquerading as a girl at the Houston High School Homecoming Court, it would appear the Germantown Municipal School District not only tolerates this, but obviously they support and celebrate it,” Taylor told the radio station.

The Republican lawmaker said he was concerned that a biological girl might have been denied a spot on the court.

“Once again, this type of virtue signaling to the LGBTQ community only hurts girls. This young man’s presence in the homecoming court prevented a young woman from representing her class. This is truly despicable,” he said. “The school district is obviously affirming this young man’s confusion and by doing so, in my opinion, harming his mental health.”

Far too many school districts have allowed their classrooms to be radicalized with teachers, counselors and administrators grooming children with perverted notions of sex and gender.

And suburban school districts that had long been believed to be safe spaces are the new ground zero for this radicalization.

That’s why it’s so important for the Republican Party to embrace partisan school board races. Sadly, our public schools have become the engine driving the cultural change in the nation.

There are reports that the state education board has been notified of the incident.

“There is no school board in the state that would allow someone to identify as African-American and then show up in black face. Much less celebrate it,” Taylor said. “This shouldn’t be tolerated either.”

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