Middle School Replaces Valentine’s Day With ‘Random Acts of Kindness’

A Massachusetts middle school has canceled Valentine’s Day.

Instead of sharing cards and candies, children at Hoosac Valley Middle School will distribute random acts of kindness grams.

The Berkshire Eagle says the decision was made by a parent-teacher’s group and the school superintendent is defending their decision to kill Cupid.

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“There’s this impression that we’re canceling Valentine’s Day, or that we’re telling people they can’t acknowledge it, which simply isn’t true,” Supt. Aaron Dean said. “The PTG’s effort was to more broadly celebrate kindness week, and to support the work they’re doing with school climate at the middle school.”

Dean told the newspaper that schools have to be “careful in terms of what it can celebrate.”

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“A lot of people made the move to celebrate kindness because there’s a lot of anger in our society right now,” Dean said. “We’re dealing with a narrative that schools are somehow indoctrinating our kids, and we’re not doing things that are fun anymore. If you come into school, that’s not the case at all, we’re just being more thoughtful in how we celebrate holidays.”

The same thing happened at a local elementary school, but the superintendent said the teachers weren’t cancelling Valentine’s Day.

“They had other activities/celebrations for kids that day, they were just trying to take the burden off of families of sending these in for students,” he told the newspaper.

Anyone buying that argument?

Should schools cancel Valentine's Day?

A growing number of schools across the nation are ditching Valentine’s Day in the name of inclusion.

Yarmouth Elementary School in Maine replaced the traditional holiday with something called “Friendship Day.”

Principal Ryan Gleason warned parents that any child who showed up to school with candy, cards or flowers would be required to hide the contraband in their backpacks.

“We wanted to let you know well in advance that you do not need to send any items to school for this day,” he wrote to parents. “The focus for students is on friendship and recognizing other classmates in our community.”

As one resident noted, the school district is eroding holidays as a part of a Marxist plan:

“Rose’s are red
Violet’s are blue,
The Republic is dead,
Watcha gonna do?”

“The Marist left are taking away our holidays bit by bit and we are allowing this to happen,” another citizen wrote in a letter to the Maine Wire.

It may very well be a Marxist takeover of our public school system or it may be that all the kids who got snubbed on Valentine’s Day are now running our local schools.

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