Middle School Teacher Punished for Putting Prayer Cards in Classrooms

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A Mississippi middle school teacher was punished after she placed prayer cards underneath all of the desks in her classroom.

The unidentified teacher at East Central Middle School came under fire after a local resident alerted the Freedom From Religion Foundation. I warned folks about this radical group in my book, “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation.” Click here to read my book.

The Wisconsin-based atheist group is known for targeting Christians — especially on public school campuses.

They accused the teacher of writing personal prayers on the cards and placing them underneath the desks during the first week of school.

“When teachers use their position to push their personal religious beliefs and encourage prayer, it communicates to students and parents that they are outsiders — not full members of the political community — if they do not follow the same religious belief. Additionally, the district has an obligation to ensure that teachers are not using their positions to promote their religious beliefs,” the atheists raged.

So here’s how the out-of-town atheists found out about it:

A grandmother had written a post on social media encouraging her friends to pray for students in public school. She suggested they put prayer cards in their book bags before they go to school.

She said the inspiration for her idea came from the teacher.

“She’s been placing prayer cards under each of her students’ desk,” the grandmother wrote. “I’ve had the privilege of driving my grands to school every morning and being able to pray over them and their future spouses.”

The FFRF accused the teacher of breaking the law and attempting to proselytize her students, both of which are simply not true.

The Dept. of Education clearly states that teachers do not have to leave their religious beliefs at the schoolhouse door.

“In order to respect the First Amendment rights of students, we ask that the district investigate this situation and ensure that [the teacher], and all other teachers, refrain from using their positions to proselytize or encourage prayer going forward,” wrote FFRF attorney Anne Nicol Gaylor.

Supt. David Pickett took immediate action and told the atheists that the Christian teacher would be punished.

“Upon confirmation that the conduct had occurred, the teacher in question was officially reprimanded on September 13, 2023, by the principal of East Central Middle School,” Pickett wrote. “Among other things, the letter of reprimand stressed the seriousness of the teacher’s misconduct and expressly stated that teachers are prohibited from using their positions to promote personal religious beliefs. The letter also stated any expressions of religious viewpoints in the classroom and like settings is considered a constitutional violation and must cease immediately.”

We live in a day and age when teachers have turned their classrooms into gay night clubs, but the teacher who prays for her students is treated like a criminal.

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