CLUELESS: Gen Z Students Say Socialism is About Getting Free Stuff


Generation Z students don’t have the slightest idea what socialism really is.

More than 30 percent of college and high school students view socialism in a positive light, but many were scrambling for answers when asked to describe the big government system.


Of 2,000 respondents, 27 percent admitted they are unsure what socialism is, ten percent describe it as “being social,” and others believe it means “free stuff,” a Young America’s Foundation study found.

“If you offer free stuff sometimes young people will look past the serious problems with [socialism] because they think they’ll get something out of it,” said YAF spokesman Spencer Brown during an interview on The Todd Starnes Show.

“They’re not taught the facts of socialism,” Brown said. “They’re just told that socialism is this way for everybody to be equal and fair.”

Some student descriptions of socialism were on track: “Treating the people as cattle, giving them only what the government sees fit.” But most responses signaled that Generation Z has some learning to do.

“Being able to socialize in the world,” said one 22-year-old male regarding socialism. “Inclusive, care for all, equality for basic human rights/needs,” is how another student described it to YAF.

Nearly one third of the surveyed students were unable to accurately define the free market, with descriptions ranging from “a market with free items” to a “free for all [with] no rules.”

When asked to rate socialism on a scale of 0 (extremely bad) to 10 (extremely good), the average student response was 4.15 — but dropped to 3.84 when students were provided more information on socialism.

Brown told Starnes he’s optimistic that Generation Z remains willing to hear conservative, free market ideas, “especially in this time when socialism is becoming so prominent in the mainstream.”

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