Nashville School Book Teaches Second Graders That White Folks Are Bad

A Nashville grade school is using a book that teaches second graders to believe that white people are “bad, mean and racist” against Blacks and Mexicans, an angry dad told the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

“My wife and I were outraged at a couple of the books,” Grant Benson said. “We’re not going to be letting our daughter read this.”

One of the controversial books is titled, “Separate is Never Equal,” an award-winning book written by a social justice advocate.

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The book tells the story of a California family’s attempt to integrate schools seven years before Brown V. Board of Education.

But the story book portrays white children as evil villains. Here’s how Benson described one part of the book:

“The Mexican kids were sent away and forced to sit in the dirt with flies around them and an electric fence that shocked them because white people are bad.”

“This is NOT a civil rights lesson,” he wrote in a Twitter post. “This is self-hate & fake white privilege.”

Benson says he taught his daughter to treat everyone with respect and equality. And he didn’t appreciate the school pushing an agenda. 

“I will be pulling her out immediately. Her first ‘English’ lesson of the year is teaching her that white people are bad, mean & racist against African-Americans & Mexicans,” he wrote on Twitter.