Native Americans On Warpath Over ‘Racist’ Prom Dance

Native American students and parents are enraged and offended after students “culturally appropriated” an “Indian” dance move. Click here to watch the video.

“So they won’t let Native American kids have beaded gowns on graduations or allowed to wear an eagle feather on their graduation hats, allowed to wear ribbon skirts, or have any of their cultural beliefs brought into the school, but let me get this right it’s OK for all the white kids to be dancing around to powwow music at PROM,” one angry resident wrote on Facebook.

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“The native students that I know of that were in attendance ended up leaving when this all started because they were offended and hurt,” another resident wrote.

Video of the dance, which was shared on social media platforms, shows students jumping around on the dance floor as bongos were being banged.

“People’s feelings were hurt, not only my child but other students as well. And for a few of them to leave while this was happening, I think that says a lot right there. And some of the students, the Native American students that were there, they did not participate. I’m sure they were all shocked like, ‘What do we do, how do we handle this?’” parent Mary Carry Moccasin told television station KFYR.

The school district apologized and said there was not an intentional effort to offend Native American students.

“At no time was there any intentional intent to disrespect the Native American culture. To the Native American people, we are sincerely apologetic. Now, for us here at Flasher Public School is the time to educate both students and staff on cultural sensitivity issues that can affect values, morals and beliefs of others. Again, we are sorry for offending those who were insulted by these actions,” the school district said in a statement.

The school superintendent told the television station they will be educating both students and staff on cultural sensitivity issues.

I can only imagine what would’ve happened if the kids were dancing to Tim McGraw’s “Indian Outlaw.”

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