New York State Bans Pale Face Schools From Using Indian Mascots, Logos

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A lot of public schools across New York State are scrambling to find new mascots today.

The Board of Regents has banned public schools from using Native-American names as mascots.

“The Department does not anticipate that any team names, logos, or mascots that contain vestiges of prohibited team names, logos, or mascots will be considered acceptable,” New York State Department of Education spokesperson JP O’Hare wrote in an email.

No more Warriors or Chiefs or Braves or Blazing Saddles. And definitely no more Redskins. Those names have been dispatched to that great big hunting ground in the sky.

“It’s the right thing to do. Our desire is to elevate people, not diminish them. We want to elevate all people,” Regent Kathleen Cashin told The New York Post.

It’s part of a national effort to scrub what the Left considers to be racially insensitive imagery from high school and middle school athletics.

“The Oneida Indian Nation supports the state’s prohibition against the use of Native American team names, logos and imagery in public schools,” the Nation said in a statement to The New York Times.

Nearly 60 school districts will be impacted – they’re going to have to give the tomahawk chop to all indigenous-related mascots.

As the Lone Ranger’s loyal Indian sidekick Tonto would say, “So long, kimosabe.”

But there is one catch – the ban does not cover tribal schools in New York State. So if the Shinnecock or Oneida Indian nations want to field teams named after Chief Sitting Bull that’s okay – but pale face schools not okay.

It’s sort of like the Indian equivalent of a pale face reciting the lyrics to rap music. So put that in your peace pipe and spoke it.

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