Oklahoma Schools Boot Drag Queens, Welcome Jesus

It’s back to the basics in public schools across the state of Oklahoma.

School Supt. Ryan Walters announced a plan to banish drag queens from public schools and welcome back Jesus.

Supt. Walters announced a three-part plan to get back to teaching kids how to read and write.

Step one is to ban diversity, equity and inclusion programs. He says DEI should actually be called discrimination, exclusion and indoctrination.

“What we will be doing with this rule is to ensure that we don’t have anything related to diversity, equity and inclusion positions. So that would be the roles themselves. This would be the curriculum. This would be the programs.”

And that means drag queens will no longer be permitted to perform inside Sooner State schools.

“We need to make sure that our schools are focused on getting back to the basics. Not focused on resources and programs that divide us,” Walters said.

He also wants to welcome God back into public school classrooms — creating an environment where prayer and Bible reading are permitted.

“We are going to continue to pass rules and make sure that we are doing all we can to stand for individuals’ religious freedom here in the state of Oklahoma,” he said, noting that atheists are not going to be allowed to bully small towns and communities.

“So we have stood with those schools, and said we will stand with you for any kind of legal help that you need in fighting back against these left-wing groups.”

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Walters also warned teachers about using their positions to sexually groom children.

“I’ve heard from parents all over the state who are very concerned with the left pushing sexuality on our kids, and pushing transgender ideology,” he said.

“Students should not be exposed to sexually inappropriate material. We will lead as a state to ensure every child and every parent in our state knows we are doing all we can to ensure that will not happen in our schools.”

All that to say if you are a business owner — and the applicant hails from Oklahoma – there’s a pretty good chance you’re going to get a well-educated employee who knows his pronoun, wears sensible shoes and knows how to make proper change at Walmart.

Should school children be allowed to pray?

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