Oregon Threatens Parents Who Complain About Trans Athletes

The battle over transgender athletes is getting really ugly in Oregon.

The state agency that governs school athletics is threatening young girls. If they complain about transgender athletes they will be banished from athletic competition.

News of the ban came just after Aayden Gallagher won the Oregon high school state championship. Gallagher is a young man pretending to be a girl.

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The crowd booed as the young man booted a female runner off the medal platform.

The parent of one of the girls told a reporter for The Publica that parents and students were told if they complained – there would be blowback.

“My daughter is in her senior year, and she has to compete with Aayden, who just won first at State and took away spots from our girls. He doesn’t deserve it. He needs to be with the men. I don’t care if he’s transgender. You can have your own opinion and do what you want to do, but you have no right taking away from these girls,” the mother said.

One mom said they were told that their children would be disqualified from future events.

“Yes, a lot of parents are afraid to speak out because there is [an announcement] from OSAA that if you discriminate or you put anyone down for their gender or if you talk negative, it can disqualify the children from events, but it can also pick out parents from all OSAA events,” the mother responded.

One unidentified female athlete was especially disturbed that girls had no privacy.

“It’s sickening to think that a man could have been watching me change,” she said.

However, there are many in Oregon’s academic and political community who are defending the boys who are beating up on girls.

‘I am deeply disappointed that the hateful actions of spectators at Hayward Field took away from what should have been a joyful moment for the winner,” said Rep. Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR). “Trans student athletes deserve an equal opportunity to participate and compete in sports.”

The transgender community has destroyed women’s athletics in this nation.

It did not have to be that way – but parents, coaches, and school administrators stood down. And when good people stand down – very bad things happen.

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