Over 7,000 Alabama Students Sought Debate Tickets

More than 7,000 University of Alabama students tried to get tickets to last night’s Republican presidential debate. So, how does the GOP recruit younger voters? Brilyn Hollyhand, the co-chair of the GOP’s inaugural Youth Advisory Council dropped by Todd’s Newsmax television show to explain his plans for the future of the party. Watch the video below and click here to get Todd’s daily newsletter for exclusive conservative news and commentary.

TODD: [00:00:00] And I want to go right now bring in Brylin Holllyhand, who is the co-chair of the Republican Party’s Inaugural Youth Advisory Council. And this debate happens to be happening in your backyard, Brian. So I guess as a as a Southerner, you have to be pretty excited about all these presidential candidates in town.

HOLLYHAND: [00:00:17] S, sir, Super excited. I appreciate you having me. Roll Tide. I’ve been out there since 4 a.m. this morning. I just came home to do this, and I’ll be back out there all day, so it’s been a good day.

TODD: [00:00:27] Look, let’s talk about the the mood on campus right now. I understand that some students are going to be allowed in. How many kids are trying to get into the debate hall tonight?

HOLLYHAND: [00:00:47] Yeah. Let me tell you this statistic here. We had over 7000 enrolled University of Alabama students request tickets from the RNC, and we only have a thousand seat capacity. So we fit in as many students as we can and given a front row access to democracy in action. And the students that we couldn’t fit in, we had to watch party going on down the street that’s actually overlooking Brandy Stadium for them to sit and watch. And we’ve got a DJ booked there to have a grand Ole time as well. So we’re trying to get as many young people involved in democracy as possible.

TODD: [00:01:14] Wow. So you’re telling me 7000 students on campus wanted 1000 of those tickets? That’s pretty impressive. What do you make of that? Why do you think there’s such an interest?

HOLLYHAND: [00:01:24] Well, Mr. Starnes, I’ll tell you this. I was at the Iron Bowl, which I know you’re familiar with, and I was at the SEC championship, and I think these are harder tickets to come by than those football tickets are. But I think our generation is looking for change. They’re looking for hope. They’re looking for path forward. And our presidential candidates provide that. People are eager to hear from our candidates. All day they’ve been out on the quad speaking. I just got a text from a buddy that beaver Crum Swami is in bike shorts running across the quad, and he’s stopping to talk to voters. So they’re eager. They’re excited. DeSantis was out at a diner a few minutes ago. People were talking to him. So all across campus, even people that aren’t involved with the debates and running into our candidates, they’re super excited about it.

TODD: [00:02:03] For for you, Brilyn. And again, you’re co-chair of the RNC Inaugural Youth Advisory Council. What is it that that you’re looking for as a young voter? Your I understand you’re going to be casting your first vote for president in 2024. What are you looking for?

HOLLYHAND: [00:02:17] Yes, sir. Well, I’m looking for the best candidate that can put America back on track. I told our journalists earlier he was from a liberal network and she didn’t like it when I said this. I said, Look, man, America is not only off track. We found completely off the rails and flipped over a few times. I mean, we need to get the train back on and keep going full steam ahead for America prosperity. Todd you know this better than anybody. Every time an election comes up, Republicans get on TV and we say this is the most important election in American history. Make sure you get out and vote. Yes, they’re always important. But this election, more than any other, is so incredibly important. That is the vision that this election comes out to. Next November will decide the future that I grew up in. I want to have the future that I raise a family and my children raise their children. This election is so important. The stakes could not be higher. We’ve got to get this right next November. But it starts with our primaries. And obviously, you know, the 1st of January 15th in Iowa. So the clock is ticking.

TODD: [00:03:08] All right. So so let’s let’s talk about the big elephant here in the room, which is the youth vote. And that has been a tough thing for the Republicans over the last several election cycles. Specifically, the youth, the young people just haven’t been coming out to vote. Gen-Z and Millennial voters. How do you how do you prod those folks to the to the ballot box on Election Day?

HOLLYHAND: [00:03:30] I think we give them access. I see you’re very familiar with that first debate that we had in Milwaukee. And when I was appointed to co-chair this council, this all started in January. So today has been in the work over 12 months, actually, which is just really cool. But our first debate was in Milwaukee, and at that debate, we flew young voters from all across the country to Milwaukee to see the candidate in action. But now we’re going a step further, actually flying the candidates to campus to see youth partners doing the reverse of it. So we’re giving our students here on campus access to the candidate. We’re laying out the policy points of view. We’re really trying to show what the Republican Party is. For too long, the left is having a monopoly on my generation. And they said, oh, the Republicans are anti this, anti that. But we’re pro a lot of things, too, Todd. And that’s what tonight’s going to be about.

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