Parent Dressed in Bunny Costume Hands Out Condoms to Grade Schoolers

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A parent dressed in an Easter Bunny costume handed out unopened condoms to unsuspecting children at an elementary school in Austin, Texas.

“Not sure this is the Austin weird I signed up for,” one perplexed parent wrote on social media.

In a letter to parents, Gullett Elementary School principal Tammy Thompson says that a parent had visited the campus during dismissal dressed as the Easter Bunny and handed out plastic eggs.

Some eggs contained candy, but some students were also given unopened condoms by the naughty bunny.

Austin ISD says that the parent was asked to leave, but they went to the public sidewalk and continued to give away eggs, an act the district called “an incredibly careless and inappropriate action.”

The district says it is working with the Austin ISD Police Department on any repercussions for the parent.


Good evening, Gullett Elementary School Families,

This afternoon during dismissal, a Gullett parent visited campus dressed as the Easter Bunny and handed out plastic eggs. Some of those eggs contained candy, and some students were also given unopened condoms.

Please know that this was not a planned event, nor sanctioned by the school, and we have spoken with the parent about the inappropriate nature of their activity. We value parent participation and always request that you work with campus staff to best support our students.

Thank you,

Principal Tammy Thompson
Gullett Elementary School

Austin ISD