Parents Furious Over Sexually-Charged Drag Queen Dance at High School Prom

“Lewd and highly inappropriate.”

That’s how parents in Albuquerque, New Mexico are describing a drag queen’s performance during a high school prom. It happened at Atrisco Heritage High School.

“My daughter hasn’t been exposed to things like this. She was traumatized by it to the point that she left prom early. We have to fill out permission slips for these kids to do anything, why weren’t we notified of this?” a parent told television station KOAT. “I’m still very shocked. It’s appalling to me. Whoever is responsible should be held accountable for it.”

The drag queen was wearing a wig, bodysuit and high heels – and his dance was incredibly inappropriate for a bunch of high school kids. Very inappropriate.

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The drag queen goes by the name Mythica Sahreen. He says he was not hired by the school, but he said the administration and prom officials signed off on his risqué show. A show that is now under investigation.

“Multiple staff members saw me and what I was wearing and knew what I was doing. If something was wrong, they would have told me. Everything that I wore was talked about on the phone in detail,” the drag queen told television station KOAT. It was not an issue when I performed at the school many times before, years ago, with the exact same dance moves. Drag, to me, is love. Drag, to me, is freedom and self-expression. And it’s home.”

It turns out the drag queen is a school volunteer and works with the Gay-Straight Alliance. And he’s been dancing at the school on a regular basis, KOAT reports.

“I have performed at Atrisco Heritage numerous times in the past. Even before COVID, and there was never any parental uproar, so to speak. I was like, ‘OK. Why was it not an issue in the past? It was a bit odd to me,” Payan told the television station. “There was no parental or authoritative uproar in terms of what is going on and what are children seeing. There was no backlash at all. I only ever received positive feedback and commentary, love and support from it. “

The school district took swift action. The principal has been replaced and a number of school staffers have been put on leave.

If you want to watch a grown, glittered man dancing to disco in pantyhose and a feather boa – go to a drag bar, not the high school prom.

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Should drag queens be allowed to perform in front of school kids at a prom?

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