Parents: Kindergartners Don’t Need to Be Exposed to French Kissing

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The homecoming parade at Independence High School in Tennessee stirred up a bit of controversy.

One of the floats was hosted by a gay pride group. Teenagers on board the float were engaged in — how can I say this delicately — very inappropriate public displays of affection. 

Kissing and groping is how the Moms For Liberty group described the scene. 

“To be clear: our ire is with adults who should know better than to take this float in front of an elementary School w/ 2 girls kissing in front of kids as young as kindergarten. It’s wrong. Handing out Biweek cards to elementary kids is wrong,” the organization wrote on Twitter.

They were also upset that the teenage LGBT activists gave small children what they called recruitment cards — promoting bisexual awareness week. Again — why a first grader needs to know about bisexuality is unclear. It’s also very creep and disturbing.

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“We are against the politicization and sexualization of children. You are for it if you believe this behavior is okay. Parents, understand what’s happening in your school and who is promoting it,” Moms For Liberty said.

Angry moms and dads piled in to a school board meeting in Williamson County to voice their concerns. 

“Making out and French kissing on top of a float in front of our children from kindergarten to sixth grade, eighth grade, is uncalled for,” said Brian Russel, a speaker at the meeting.

The school district says they are investigating the incident. 

Homecoming used to be about football and school spirit, not underage lesbians making out in the middle of a parade. Sadly, our public schools have become a battleground for sex and gender revolutionaries.

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