Parents: Why Did School Hire Art Teacher Who Promotes Satan Worship, Hates Cops

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Parents in Homer, Illinois want to know who was responsible for hiring an art teacher who has been promoting child sacrifice and Satan worship on his social media pages.

“I’ve seen some anti-religious, child sacrifice, there was Satan worship,” one parent told Fox 32. “If he has his lifestyle, so be it, but that is not going to be put onto our children.”

I’m not going to release the name of the art teacher just yet – but I have seen his social media page. And what I discovered is disturbing. The teacher is a man but identifies himself with female pronouns. He posted one message the declared, “Hail Satan.”


“This person should NEVER be around the kids!!! It’s so alarming,” one concerned parent said.

The teacher also claimed to be bi-polar with manic and psychosis.

“I have done things in conditions of psychosis and mania that have been violent and hurtful,” the teacher wrote.

Fox 32 reports that the art class has been temporarily suspended as school leaders investigate.

There were other disturbing images including a vulgar message directed at police with a black and white version of the American flag turned upside down.

“Concerning posts and pictures that were posted and not something that I would want to expose my children to at a young age,” one parent told the television station. “I wouldn’t say they were all depicting violence, but they were referencing violence.”

School District Superintendent Dr. Craig Schoppe released the following statement to radio station WJOL.

“Dear 33C Community,

As you may have heard or seen online, there has been some question and concern with regards to 33C hiring protocol and details surrounding the conditions of hire for new employees.  While the district cannot speak on matters of personnel for individual employees, I do want parents to know that I have heard your concerns, understand the issues highlighted by the community, and am investigating the situation.  Our utmost concern is for the continued safety and wellbeing of our students and staff and will continue to ensure that all employees are held to the same high standard of professionalism that Homer 33C has come to be known for.”


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