Principal Who Said She’d Rather Vote for a Potato Than Joe Biden is Fired

An elementary school principal has been fired for posting that she’d rather vote for a potato than Joe Biden. Besides that meme, she also posted several other “conservative memes” that got her into trouble.

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The Pennsylvania school principal Amy Sacks was posting to her personal social media page, and she’s been a teacher for a couple of decades. However, the school removed her from her position in July.

The principal of Evergreen Elementary School is fighting back after being fired as a result of the posts. She’s now suing the school to get her job back, as well as for $500,000 for the “emotional turmoil” she’s experienced as a result of the incident.

You can find the full filing here.

I’ve seen some nasty things posted on social media by the Left, but I never see stories of them being fired for those posts. However, comparing a potato to a political candidate is off limits, according to the Left.

Hasn’t President Donald Trump been compared to an orange for years? If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just search for “Donald Trump Orange” and go to images to see what I mean.

I thought all foods were equal, but apparently, a potato is more offensive than an orange.