Professor Says 2+2=4 Reeks of “White Supremacist Patriarchy”

If you believe two plus two equals four you might be a racist.

Brooklyn College professor Laurie Rubel says that equations like two plus two equals four reek of white supremacist patriarchy.

Professor Rubel tries to make the argument that objective truth is a social construct.

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Well that social construct is responsible for building skyscrapers and airplanes. She goes on to say that math is not neutral nor is it pure. She says the goal of math should be about nurturing people and protecting the planet.

Harvard HPD candidate Kareem Carr also says that math should be re-evaluated because it was primarily developed by white men.

The idea that mathematics is no longer an absolute truth could be problematic for engineers trying to build a bridge or astronauts trying to get to the moon.

And good luck trying to make change down at the Walmart.