Roanoke College Lady Maroons Revolt After Man Joins Team

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There’s no doubt that the NCAA is giving transgender athletes preferential treatment. Female athletes have basically been told to sit down, shut up and step aside so that mentally confused young men can set fire to their record books.

But the ladies swim team at Roanoke College is fighting back after a man was allowed to join the team.

Last year the man swam with the men’s team. This year he will be swimming with the Lady Maroons.

The entire team held a press conference to demand that the NCAA defend female swimmers.

“Women’s sports are separate from men’s sports for a reason we are not the same, but we both deserve to be equally respected,” said team member Susanna Price.

They say practices have been changed to accommodate the man. He also wears a female swimsuit and the ladies say they’ve been subjected to bullying.

“When I was told a biological male would be swimming on the women’s swim team, all of my feeling turned to fear,” said co-captain Kate Pearson.

Former NCAA champion swimmer Riley Gaines, who tied for fifth place against a male swimmer, was among those at the press conference.

“It shouldn’t have to take bravery and fair treatment to speak up for the fair treatment of women and girls, and if leaders cannot find it within themselves to do that then we need different leaders,” said Gaines, now an activist and defender of women’s sports.

Parents were also present at the gathering and they, too, were outraged that Roanoke College did not protect their daughters.

“Our girls are not the only girls suffering at the expense of men and boys wishing to compete on their teams,” said parent Cady Mullens. “We learned that this is a much bigger issue than just Roanoke College and it’s happening with many sports at many different levels.”

Roanoke College says they are standing by the NCAA guidelines on transgender athletes.

“We remain committed to supporting our LGBTQ+ community and our student-athletes, all of whom are valued members of our vibrant community,” the college said in a statement.

The ladies said they were stunned to learn that the college did not have their backs.

“When we finally worked up the guts to explain how we felt to the higher ups at our school, we were told that we had support, but not once was that support exhibited to us in practical terms,” said co-captain Lily Mullens.

So, don’t be surprised if the 2023 edition of the Lady Maroons is a one-man squad.

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