Sacramento Bee, UC Davis Chancellor Incite Violent Protests Against Charlie Kirk

Violence broke out at UC Davis overnight. 

Should we defund public universities that refuse to protect and defend free speech?

An angry mob of pro-gay and transgender activists clashed with police in riot gear. 

The protestors unsuccessfully tried to shut down a Turning Point USA speech featuring Charlie Kirk. 

The rioters smashed windows and painted graffiti on walls around the student union center. One police officer was jumped from behind and slammed to the ground. The officer was treated and released.

“Not a peaceful protest at all,” Twitter CEO Elon Musk tweeted after photos and videos of the protest surfaced on ToddStarnes.com.

At least two people were arrested and charged with vandalism and threatening police officers. 

The university said as many as 100 protesters were on campus and many were not students. 

But a good argument could be made that the mob was inspired by UC Davis Chancellor Gary May and the Sacramento Bee. 

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The newspaper published an ugly screed falsely accusing Kirk of want to lynch transgender people. The Bee retracted the accusation, but the damage had already been done. 

Chancellor May condemned Kirk — accusing him of spreading misinformation, hate and advocating for violence against transgender people.

Again – a lie. And he encouraged people to protest. Which they did — leading to at least one cop being injured. 

We’ve got a big problem on American university campuses — where free speech is under attack. And the people trying to silence Americans are leftwing Democrats, socialists and the sex and gender crowd. 

Turning Point USA demonstrating that the only responsible and correct response is to fight back — with your constitutionally protected rights. 

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