San Francisco Values are not Welcome in Tennessee

We spend quite a bit of time on my national radio show encouraging people to get involved in local politics and taking a stand when our elected leaders take controversial stands.

So, when elected leaders in my own community did something stupid, I knew I had to follow my own advice.

The Germantown Municipal School District was considering a plan to remove Good Friday and Easter Monday from the official school calendar. A committee had recommended the change and one board member explained that it was needed to avoid offending people.

A bunch of folks showed up at the school board this meeting to raise our concerns. Many came armed with signs and banners and speeches. Here’s the 3 minute speech I delivered to the board: CLICK HERE to get Todd’s daily newsletter for Conservatives and Christians. It’s the only way to avoid Facebook censorship.

Thank you for the opportunity to address the board. I must say that I was astonished to hear of the concerns prompted by Senator Brent Taylor and the Shelby County Moms for Liberty.

At first I thought I was being pranked. A recommendation to rename Good Friday and Easter Monday?

That sounds like something the godless heathens would do in San Francisco, not Germantown.

But then I saw the video of last week’s work session – and realized – sweet mercy – the Germantown School District has done gone woke.

What’s next? Changing the name of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day?

For the record – according to the state of Tennessee there is an official holiday on the books – and it’s called Good Friday – not Spring Holiday.

I appreciate Dr. Chatham and his commonsense approach to all of this.

And while I trust the board will do the right thing – I am troubled by the committee that recommended the calendar change. Who are these individuals? Are they school district employees? Are they students? Parents? What we need is some transparency. And quite frankly a new calendar committee.

One of the lessons that many parents learned during the China Virus Pandemic was that many schools had turned their classrooms into radical indoctrination facilities for the far left. Many parents were stunned to discover the lessons on sex and gender, critical race theory. And many never saw the warning signs along the way.

And while some might be dismissive of the seriousness of the proposed name change – I contend that it’s a sign of a much bigger problem looming on the horizon. The canary in the coalmine.

I’m concerned that we are on a slippery slope.   

We have been assured by the board that such problems do not exist in Germantown. But the facts and evidence prove otherwise. You tell us that you are not advancing the transgender movement. And yet – we have evidence to the contrary.

Hiding preferred pronouns and preferred names from parents? This is Germantown, Tennessee, not Loudon County, Virginia. We know our pronouns in this zip code.

Please understand that we are not going to sit idly by and allow Germantown Schools to be infected with a godless, woke ideology.

San Francisco values are not welcome in the 901.  

I thank you so very much for your time.

Many liberals in Germantown were enraged over my remarks and said I had no right to voice my opinion.

One far-left Alphabet Activist call me a “wasteland of prejudice and bigotry often wrapped in some form of hateful Christianity that is so far from Christ it is unrecognizable.”

Again, San Francisco values are not welcome in my neighborhood.

And at the end of the meeting – the school board agreed. Good Friday is still Good Friday.

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