School: Avoid Valentine’s Cards That Feature White People or Straight Couples

A private school in Rhode Island advised parents not to send their children to school with any Valentine’s Day cards that portrayed white people or promoted heterosexual relationships.

In other words, it’s okay for first grade boys to ask a non-binary, gender-queer black kid to be their Valentine, just steer clear of blond-haired, blue-eyed biological girls.

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“Please coach your child if purchasing commercially produced cards to select something that does not feel ‘gender normative’ (with separate ‘boy cards’ vs. ‘girl cards,’ for instance),” read a note sent to parents at the Moses Brown Lower School in Providence.

Television station WJAR obtained an email sent to parents from Osvaldo Jose Marti, the head of the lower school.

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“Also, consider talking to your child about avoiding cards that portray only White human characters,” Marti wrote to parents. “Representation matters and our students of color also deserve to see themselves in some of the cards they receive, unless we can find cards without people pictured at all.”

Providence is apparently home to an unusually large number of woke moms and dads because a good many actually supported the school’s approach to Valentine’s Day.

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“I think it’s the right thing to do,” one former student told the television station. “I’ve experienced doing the cards and it’s a lot of fun, so I think that not getting rid of it is the right play — and using it as an opportunity to teach kids.”

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“I think it makes sense to make things overall inclusive for everyone,” Brown alum Chase Wightman added. “Because it would suck for the kid who doesn’t feel included.”

The school said the focus should be on friendship and fun. And they encouraged parents to “avoid the romantic crush themes that can dominate the day for older students.”

Sounds like when Mr. Marti was younger he asked someone to “Be Mine” and they said “No thanks.”

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