School Banned Children From Sharing Bible Verses

A Georgia elementary school banned two children from sharing Easter Eggs with their classmates because the plastic eggs contained a Bible verse. CLICK HERE TO BECOME A TODD STARNES SHOW SUPPORTER!

The American Center for Law and Justice is representing the children and their families.

“Our clients prepared plastic Easter eggs containing jelly beans, a poem about the colors of the jelly beans, and Bible verses about the meaning of Easter,” the ACLJ said in a statement. “The plastic eggs were to be handed out by the students the day before Good Friday.”

The ACLJ declined to share the name of the school.


“Our clients’ parents told the teachers that their children had prepared gifts for their classmates. When the teachers checked inside the eggs and saw the Bible verses, they didn’t allow our clients to hand them out due to the religious content,” they said.

As I described in my new book, “Twilight’s Last Gleaming: Can America Be Saved?” many of our taxpayer-funded government schools have become increasingly hostile to the name of Jesus Christ. Click here to read my book.

The ACLJ correctly pointed out that the school district’s decision to ban Easter Eggs was blatantly unconstitutional. Children have a right to share their faith with classmates and friends.

“Elementary school students still possess a right to freely share their faith,” the ACLJ said. “The law is clear that suppressing student-to-student distribution of religious literature is unlawful under the First Amendment.”

Under threat of a federal lawsuit, the district eventually backed away from the ban.

“The school has agreed to recognize our clients’ constitutional rights to distribute religious materials, such as Easter eggs, candy canes, and anything else – even Bible verses,” they wrote.

The school district argued that the Easter Egg ban was due to a “concern with children’s allergies.”

For the record, the only people allergic to Bible verses are godless heathens — and the devil.

“No one is allergic to Bible verses, and that was clearly the reason the students were prohibited from distributing the Easter eggs,” the ACLJ said.

Something smells rotten in that Georgia school district — and it’s not the Easter Eggs. Click here to read Todd’s new best-selling book on how MAGA can save America from the Marxists!

Should children be allowed to share their faith at school?

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