School Bans Prayer at Football Games

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They have a tradition at Symmes Valley High School in Ohio.

Before every football game fans are invited to stand for the national anthem and a prayer.

But the school district ended that tradition after a parent complained to the Freedom From Religion Foundation.

The Wisconsin-based atheist group told the school district it was against the law for anyone to publicly broadcast a prayer at a football game.

“Asking all the people in attendance to stand for a prayer during a school-sponsored football game is a constitutional foul,” said FFRF’s Dan Barker. “Keeping the PA booth free from religious intrusion will keep the audience free from it, too.”

They cited a case where the Supreme Court ruled that prayers at public school athletic events are unconstitutional.

However, the Supreme Court ruled recently in Kennedy v. Bremerton that a coach’s silent, private post-game prayer was constitutional.

Instead of pushing back the school district surrendered and said they would ensure that no one uttered the name of Jesus Christ into the microphone.

“Prior to the next home game, we will direct the PA announcer that he is to refrain from leading prayer henceforth and will also ask for his assistance in relaying that refrain to other adults that may be in the press box — I expect his full cooperation,” the school district wrote in a letter back to the aggrieved atheists.

It’s no doubt an issue that could eventually wind up in the courts, which is why I’m urging my readers to support organizations like Alliance Defending Freedom. Click here to lend them a helping hand.

If a coach can pray at the 50-yard-line, a parent can deliver a prayer in the press box.

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