School District Apologizes After Pastor Asks God to Bless Teachers

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An Illinois school district is profusely apologizing after a minister asked God to bless the faculty and staff during a special ceremony commemorating the launch of the semester.

Should teachers be allowed to pray at school?

On Monday the Evanston/Skokie School District 65 held a first-day convocation that included a prayer delivered by a local Baptist minister.

According to the Evanston Roundtable newspaper, that’s when things took a troubling turn.

“Gracious and loving God, we come now at the dawn of another academic year in District 65 in Evanston. We are grateful for the gathering today and for the staff who are present, as well as those who are not able to attend,” Rev. Spencer Nabors said in the invocation. “We ask now that you look down upon every single employee of the district.

“We pray that you bless all support staff in every school, bless every maintenance worker, bless every teacher’s aide and assistant, bless every teacher and faculty member, bless every assistant principal and principal, bless all District 65 administrators, assistant superintendents and the superintendent.”


The newspaper reported that some teachers and staff took offense at the religious nature of the Christian minister’s prayer.

The following day, Superintendent Devon Horton wrote a letter apologizing to anyone who might have been triggered by the pastor’s request for God to watch over the school district.

“We had no intention of offering official prayer calling for the presence of a deity,” Horton said in an email obtained by the newspaper. “Unfortunately, the impact of this portion of the program was that it did not feel in line with the personal liberty and inclusion that D65 is committed to. I apologize for those remarks that were offensive.”

I’m curious to know what was so offensive about the minister’s prayer. Was it the fact that she mentioned God or was it her petition for Him to watch over the district?

I’d be willing to bet a Chick-fil-A sandwich that the offended teacher was probably one of those woke, pronoun-confused TikTok fanatics who probably defaulted on their student loans because they majored in “16th Century Lesbian Pottery Studies.”

Lord knows they could use some prayer.

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