School Orders Choir to Stop Singing Religious Music

The chorus at Challenger Intermediate School in Kansas will no longer be allowed to sing religious songs.

The students triggered a bunch of atheists when they sang a song that included the lyrics to “Amazing Grace.” They also sang a Spiritual titled, “Didn’t My Lord Deliver Daniel.”

The Freedom From Religion Foundation says choirs must only sing secular music. 

“The district’s choir programs must focus on teaching secular music and lessons, not religious devotional music and bible stories,” FFRF legal fellow Sammi Lawrence wrote to Superintendent Justin Henry.

The Goddard Unified School District agreed and ordered the school choir to cease and desist.

“Thanks for providing this information. Since receiving your email on Nov. 29, we have had the opportunity to provide [the teacher] this information and will be planning a meeting with all district choir instructors to ensure they understand the information,” Henry responded in an email.

The National Association for Music Education says sacred music is an important part of the education process. From Bach to the Spirituals. They say the study and performance of religious music is not only appropriate, but also constitutional.

“There’s a distinct difference between a public school choir and a church choir, and the district did well recognizing that,” says FFRF’s Annie Laurie Gaylor. “It’s not a teacher’s job to convert a student to their religion, no matter what tools they use to do so.”

If the atheists had their way – American school children would no longer discover the joy of singing great songs like the Hallelujah Chorus.

It is indeed true that our Lord delivered Daniel from the lion’s den and if the Lord can do that – he can also deliver the Challenger Intermediate School chorus from the clutches of the Wisconsin atheists.

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Should public school choirs be able to sing religious songs?

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