School Says Reading and Writing are Signs of White Supremacy

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If you love to read and write, you are probably a white supremacist. That’s what they are teaching kids in Seattle Public Schools.

Jason Rantz of radio station KTTH reports that a new lesson plan defines nine characteristics of white supremacy. He obtained the lessons from a perturbed father.

“I feel bad for any students who actually internalize stuff like this as it is setting them up for failure,” the father said.

The handout was given to students at Lincoln High School during a World Literature and Composition class.

On the list: “Worship of the Written Word.” The author explained that books erase the way we communicate with each other.

Among the other signs of white supremacy are objectivity, individualism and perfectionism.

And if you disagree with any of the nine characteristics on the list, that would also make you a white supremacist.

The students were told that being over defensive is a racist example of entitlement.

“My problem with this curriculum is that this is supposed to be a writing and literature class and lessons like these do nothing to help my kid become a better writer,” the father explained. “I’m sure Lincoln administration will point to the high ELA proficiency scores but the high proportion of HCC [highly capable] kids (40% of the student body) is a big factor. With so many smart, hard working kids (white supremacists) it’s easy to support these luxury beliefs but system-wide only 63% of kids are proficient in English. Is this really the best use of class time? ”

Ironically, if reading and writing are racist, why are students required to take a class that teaches them how to read and write?

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