School Urges 5-year-olds to ‘Come Out of Closet’

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Children as young as five-years-old are being encouraged to come out of the closet across the Los Angeles Unified School District.

The entire school district is celebrating “National Coming Out Day,” which is actually a week-long celebration of the LGBT movement.

“Los Angeles’s kindergartners know nothing about sex, much less about its recent artificial mutations, other than what the activists are cramming down their throats. If this is not grooming, it is hard to know what is,” Heather Mac Donald wrote in City Journal.

The school district is also promoting “Rainbow Clubs” for pre-kindergarteners — children who are three-years-old. The clubs are leading many to wonder if the schools district is intentionally confusing youngsters about their gender.

“How many students, ignorant about what declaring themselves LGBTQ+ actually means, will nevertheless seek the camaraderie and affirmation of this club,” Mac Donald wrote. “Naturally, the LAUSD is not promoting math clubs, geography clubs, or star-gazing clubs.”

The school district also created a year-long “Queer and Trans-Affirming” school calendar. Click here for an in-depth look at the lesson the children will be exposed to.

Jack Hibbs, the pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills, condemned the school district and urged parents across the nation to fight back.

“The first mistake you can make, my friends, is to think that this is only Los Angeles – do not assume that this will not be in some way celebrated in your child’s school in your city, no matter where you may be in America,” Hibbs wrote on Twitter.

He recommended that parents in the Los Angeles area keep their kids home instead of exposing them to the radical LGBT agenda.

“Give your kids next week off, and teach them at home whatever you must do to rescue them from the perverted evils and the debased plots and plans of this world’s reprobates,” he said. “It’s time to fight back because a war is underway, and your child is the prize.”

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