Sixth Graders Taken to ‘Drag Show’ Without Parental Knowledge

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Parents in Chester County, Pennsylvania signed permission slips allowing their kids to attend a local theater’s production of “Alice in Wonderland.”

But instead of the Cheshire Cat – the kids got a look-see at an award-winning drag queen. And parents are madder than a hatter.

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They say the school never mentioned that a man dressed up like a woman would be a part of the show.

Permission slips mention that the goal of the trip was to develop an understanding of plot and dialogue.

And the school district suggested in a statement that parents had a responsibility to read the biographies of the performers.

“In advance of the performance, families were informed that students had the opportunity to attend a contemporary, pantomime version of Alice in Wonderland and given permission slips to return. The actors’ biographies and acting credentials were not included with this information but were accessible on the People’s Light and Theater website,” the school district wrote in a message to Broad and Liberty.

It’s a fair point that parents should always do their homework because public schools are no longer interested in transparency. They’re on the side of the sex perverts, not mommy or daddy.

The great irony is that Lewis Carroll, the author of “Alice in Wonderland” was a conservative. He was also a deacon in the Church of England. So it’s unlikely he intended for a drag queen to make a guest appearance in Wonderland.

The least the school district could’ve done is alert parents that the production was not a traditional performance of “Alice in Wonderland” and that their youngsters would be exposed to twerking by a dude dressed as a feline.

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