Stanford Prof: ‘Whiteness’ is the reason parents don’t want Mask Mandate

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A political science professor at Stanford University tweeted that “whiteness” is the reason parents are opposed to mask mandates and that “whiteness is working overtime”. 

Professor Hakeem Jefferson’s tweet read:

“Make no mistake, this crazy opposition to mask wearing that is leading folks (read white ppl) to act violently at school board meetings & council meetings & everywhere else—yeah, you can’t disconnect it from whiteness. And discussions that don’t acknowledge this are incomplete.”


The tweet continued, even stating that “whiteness be working overtime” and “the devil is busy.”

“It’s like my reaction to jan6. You don’t have to be an expert in identity to know that whiteness is driving the behavior. The crowds are overwhelming white. You think this just randomly happened? Nah, whiteness be working overtime. Like we say in the south, the devil is busy!”

According to Campus Reform, Jefferson is currently a faculty affiliate with the Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity. His dissertation on policing was awarded the 2020 Best Dissertation Award from the American Political Science Association.

Campus Reform did reach out to both Stanford University and Hakeem Jefferson for comment on his tweets. In response, he launched a Twitter thread acknowledging their contact with him and stating that he would not respond. 

“A reporter from Campus Reform reached out to ask if I have any comments on this tweet because they’re writing a story about my comments. I think the tweets speak for themselves. Wait until they hear how I teach about race and injustice in the classroom!” Jefferson tweeted.

The tweet continued and stated, 

“For the record, I did not respond, have no intention of responding, and have no plans of changing my approach. But thanks everybody for the support. I’ll be fine. And I’ll let folks at Stanford know what’s up so they can do whatever they need to do to help deal w/ the craziness.”

Nationally-syndicated talk radio host Todd Starnes suggested that Stanford should step in and address the professor’s bigoted remarks.

“It would be easy to dismiss the tweets as the racist rantings of another unhinged leftist, but this man wields power of students in his classroom,” Starnes said. “That is troubling.”

And even more disturbing his is intellectual ignorance.

“The mask mandates have nothing to do with race — and everything to do with personal freedom,” Starnes said.