STARNES: A Public School Literally Shoved a Christian Student into a ‘Closet’ during Pride Month

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From Loudoun County, Virginia comes word of a troubling incident involving a Christian middle school student.

The child’s family objected to classroom lessons about transgenderism and personal pronoun usage at Harper Park Middle School. They said such lessons violated their religious beliefs.

So school leaders ordered the child to leave the classroom and placed him in a tiny enclosure.


“Barely bigger than a broom closet,” the father described it, and the student said that if anyone else was in a similar room, he had no contact with them.

“[The boy’s mother] wasn’t happy about the fact that he was put in this isolation room,” Brenda Tillett, president of Standup Virginia, told Fox News. “I think that is giving a child a mental message that they’ve done something wrong because they’re placed in isolation.”

A school spokesperson said each grade’s dean’s office is equipped with “classrooms” where students are often sent when their parents opt them out of a lesson, and that the teen was not sent to an isolated chamber. 

They literally shoved the Christian kid into a closet during Pride Week.

Loudoun County has become Ground Zero for the effort to reclaim American classrooms. A war is being waged between parents and woke educators.

The issues involve radical transgender policies. Mandating teachers and students use preferred pronouns. Boys in Girls locker rooms.

But it also involves Critical Race Theory – the idea that white children are oppressing children of color.

Hundreds of enraged parents turned out at a school board meeting on Tuesday. But the school board shut down comments and ordered the moms and dads to leave the room.

When they refused – police were summoned – and the meeting was declared an unlawful assembly. Two parents were arrested.

Understand this – what’s happening in Loudoun County is happning in your school district – and all of us have a responsibility to take a bold stand.

Not just for our children but for our nation.

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