STARNES: Could the Cancel Culture Mob at George Washington University Drop George?

Todd Starnes

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George Washington University will no longer be known as the Colonials.

“As we embark on our third century, we must continue to lead with our values, strengths and the diversity of the George Washington University community,” university president Mark Wrighton told the student newspaper.

The board of trustees voted to toss the nickname because it offended perpetually offended woke snowflakes. 


They say Colonials is a throwback to white supremacy and slavery. It’s untrue, of course – but these days the truth is irrelevant.

“The board recognizes the significance of changing the university’s moniker, and we made this decision only after a thoughtful and deliberate process that followed the renaming framework and special committee recommendation that considered the varying perspectives of our students, faculty, staff, alumni and athletics community,” board Chair Grace Speights said in a statement. 

“A moniker must unify our community, draw people together and serve as a source of pride. We look forward to the next steps in an inclusive process to identify a moniker that fulfills this aspiration.”

A new monicker has yet to be decided — but my recommendations include the Invertebrate Snowflakes or the Yellow-bellied Chickenhearts. I’m also rather fond of the GWU Culture Jihadists.

I suspect it won’t be the last name change at George Washington University. Wait until the snowflakes figure out that our first president was also a slave holder. 

In a few years – students will be graduating from Karl Marx University and rooting for the Fighting Marxists.

Todd’s new book about the socialist takeover of America makes an important addition to your library — Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation. Available right now at ToddStarnes.com.

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