Starnes: Help Save Women’s Sports From Transgender Activists

Do you have a daughter or a granddaughter who excels in sports? Maybe she’s been in swimming competitions all her life or is hoping for a scholarship in track and field when she goes to college.

Should men be allowed to compete alongside women in sports?

Well, if your daughter—or the daughter of a friend or a neighbor—has been dreaming of a scholarship, her DREAM could very well turn into a NIGHTMARE if she’s forced to compete against male athletes who are physically bigger and stronger, thanks to an executive order signed by President Biden supposedly pushing for “equality” of the sexes.

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ALLIANCE DEFENDING FREEDOM thinks that concept is wrong, and Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee agrees. 

“I do believe that transgenders participating in women’s sports will destroy women’s sports,” the governor said. “It will ruin the opportunity for girls to earn scholarships and sometimes I think it’s bad for women and for women’s sports.”

ALLIANCE DEFENDING FREEDOM has gone to court in Connecticut and other states, defending the rights of female student athletes and fighting to protect their God-given rights. ADF never charges a dime to clients …but that’s because their LEGAL COSTS are defrayed by generous, tax-deductible donations from listeners like YOU.

Call my telephone number to help: (855) 417-6556.  Or you can click here to donate on my secure page online.  

Your FIRST gift to ADF will be MATCHED 100 percent  by a generous friend of ALLIANCE DEFENDING FREEDOM…so WHATEVER you can donate will be INSTANTLY DOUBLED.

We’re in the FINAL DAYS of my campaign…so please don’t let. your daughter or granddaughter down. Step up today to help ADF help YOU.

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