STARNES: There’s a Reason Why Schools are Intentionally Making Our Kids Stupid

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Homeschool or Public School?

Nicholas Giordano is a professor of Political Science at Suffolk Community College in New York. 

Every year he quizzes his students on American government and politics. 

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Early on in his career he discovered at most students lack a basic understanding of our Constitution and how our government works. 

This year’s class was his worst. 

Out of 175 students only 11 were able to pass the exam.

Among the questions:

Who is the Speaker of the House?

Which branch of government has the power to declare war?

Who is considered the father of the Constitution?

How many Supreme Court Justices are there?

What safeguard is in place to prevent one branch of government from becoming much more powerful than the other branches?

All of the following are guaranteed rights under the First Amendment, except?

Campus Reform

The professor says it’s a shameful indictment of public school education. 

“The good news is that as my students progress throughout the semester, they understand the intent of government and how our system works. They gain the ability to formulate their own ideas on the issues and develop stronger arguments supported by solid evidence,” he wrote in an essay published by Campus Reform.

“As an educator, it is not my role to indoctrinate them on what they should believe. Instead, it is my responsibility to assure they know how the American government operates, nurture their academic development, spark their intellectual curiosity, and get them to think critically about the issues,” he added.

Professor Giordano is an anomaly in our nation’s academic community — a professor who teaches students how to think — not what to think.

Sadly, our nation’s education system is raising a generation of stupid Americans. And they’re doing it intentionally. 

It’s one of the most effective ways to introduce socialism into what was once a free society. 

It’s easier to take away someone’s civil liberties when they didn’t realize they had those freedoms in the first place. 

In other words — stupid people are easier to control. 

I’m Todd Starnes 

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