STARNES: Why is Tech Company Giving Preschoolers Books About LGBT Issues?

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TODD: So anyway, Memphis, Tennessee, you folks listening up to us, listen on KWAM Newstalk 117 FM. This happened at a grade school in Memphis, Kate Bond Elementary School. Brother, the technology company that makes the printers. They’re providing pro-LGBT books to preschoolers in Memphis, all part of a National Education Association plan to Read across America.

Should preschoolers learn about LGBT history?

And they’re giving the kids all of these diverse and inclusive books. And there are some OK books. There are some fine books on the West, but most of the books are about activism. There’s one called a kid’s book about racism. A is for activist. And then came the LGBT books My My Two Dads and me. Heather has two mommies. Pink is for boys. It feels good to be yourself. A book about gender identity again, pre-schoolers.

These are for preschoolers. Memphis, Tennessee Pay attention, pride the story of Harvey Milk and the Rainbow Flag. Love is love. An important LGBTQ pride book for kids about gay parents and diverse families. So look, Harvey Milk was the first gay elected leader in San Francisco. My question is why a five-year-old needs to know about all of this. Why does a five year old need to know if Heather has two mommies? What? I don’t understand that. Quite frankly, why does any child need to know about the LGBTQ or even straight sex? Why do they need to know about any form of sex? They are five year olds. This makes no sense to me. This is a matter about age appropriate material. But this sounds like indoctrination to me, and that’s what this is, and now it’s happening at the preschool level in a new school paid for by your tax dollars. Memphis, Tennessee. All right. Got to take a break.

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