College Student Arrested After Getting Expelled for Mask Violations

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A female student at Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts is seen on video being arrested for trespassing on campus in September.

After getting expelled for multiple mask violations and being denied a medical exemption, Morgan Mack was allegedly on campus to retrieve her laptop from her car Sept. 12 when the police and Interim Director of Campus Safety Debra Duncan met her.

“Video shows Duncan holding her down on the pavement,” wrote The College Fix correspondent Charles Hilu.

The student can be heard on camera saying she was on a hunger strike and had not had water for two days, adding that she might pass out or have a seizure because she is diagnosed with epilepsy.

“A Smith College student was arrested for repeatedly and knowingly violating a college trespass order, after failing to comply with the college’s COVID safety protocols,” Smith College media relations director Stacey Schmeidel told The Fix.

Mack filed for a medical exemption, with health issues already on file at the Office of Disability Services and the college health center, but she was denied, The College Fix reports. However, Schmeidel refuted the claim.

“Smith College requires an individual to submit an accommodation request, supported by medical documentation, to the Office of Disability Services,” Schmeidel said in an email to the outlet. “The student in question was notified of this process, but they did not submit the required documentation.”

After being reported by some faculty and administration, Mack was called into the office of the Dean of Students. The dean informed Mack that her exemption was not approved, and she was suspended for noncompliance. 

The student was allowed onto her hall that night, but her Student ID card that permits access to her dorm was deactivated the following day when she attempted to enter. Campus police arrived and arrested her for trespassing. 

After being bailed out, Mack stayed at a friend’s dorm, where the police arrived and demanded she leave. The university placed Mack in a hotel for the remainder of her disciplinary process.


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