Student Leaders at U of Kansas: ‘Death to America’

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The student body president at the University of Kansas is facing fierce outrage from across the nation over an anti-American tweet that was shared from her official account — just days before the 20th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks.

“Happy Friday everybody,” read a message that was retweeted on the official account of student body president Niya D. McAdoo. “Death to America.”

The threatening message, which was accompanied by a grinning emoji, was also posted just days after 13 American service members were blown up by Muslim terrorists in Afghanistan.


The hateful message was also shared on the official Twitter feed of the University of Kansas Student Senate.

Thousands of Todd Starnes Radio Show readers and listeners unleashed a torrent of anger on my social media pages – calling for the student government association to be defunded and its leaders expelled from the school.

“This is outrageous,” one reader said. “My home state universities are full of this kind of crap and I am sick of it. Feel free to leave if you hate America.”

“What is wrong with the young people today,” another reader wondered. “There is no better country than America. Academia is destroying our youth.”

Students and alumni are calling for a boycott unless university leaders address the racist, anti-American garbage spewing from the university’s student government agencies.

“I’m seething,” one university alumnus told me. “I knew that radical leftists had taken over student government, but I never thought they would use their official platforms to call for death to America.”

The Kansas Federation of College Republicans is calling for McAdoo’s immediate resignation.

“Just disgraceful,” they wrote on Twitter.

The Todd Starnes Radio Show reached out to McAdoo as well as the University of Kansas media relations department seeking an explanation. We will update this story if that happens.

McAdoo, who identifies as a “she/they,” makes no effort to hide her disgust for police or non-minority students.

Her Twitter page is filled with hateful comments about the United States, “white children” as well as “colonizer students.” She is also a proponent of something called “African American Vernacular English.”

McAdoo is especially anti-police.

“Police officers in schools is not only dangerous but anti-Black,” she wrote on Twitter. “I never saw a resource officer handle white students the way they targeted and handled Black and Brown ones. Protecting students, esp. Black/Brown youth, in our education system does not start with policing.”

In another anti-cop screed, she hissed about how officers “literally assault children.”

“F*** the system of policing,” she wrote.

The University of Kansas should immediately remove President McAdoo from her office and dissolve the entire student senate. The university needs to send a clear message to donors and taxpayers that they will not provide safe harbor to hate.

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