Student Newspaper Publishes Quote Praising Hitler

The student newspaper at McClatchy High School in Sacramento, California is facing a big time controversy.

The Prospector newspaper published a quote in the most recent edition praising Hitler.

“Hitler’s got some good ideas.” – That’s the anonymous quote that was printed on the back page of the newspaper.  

Part of a story about weird things overheard in the school’s hallways.

The student staff later posted a statement saying the quote did not reflect their ideals or beliefs. But they were glad it sparked a conversation on how students choose their words.

“We recognize the impact of our words do not match the intent, and this has impacted a lot of individuals,” the students wrote in a statement, “especially when addressing the sensitive issue of antisemitism.”

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The principal fired off a message to families saying the newspaper’s actions were “deeply offensive.”

And the newspaper’s faculty adviser has been placed on paid leave, which angered journalists across the state.

“They have the right to print it,” said Steve O’Donoghue, director of the California Scholastic Journalism Initiative. “They’re not advocating for it, they’re just quoting what a student said.”

It’s worth noting that a recent survey showed that 63 percent of millennials and Generation Z did not know that 6 million Jews were killed in the Holocaust.

That’s what happens when public schools whitewash history. The kids are ignorant of great atrocities in world history and the next thing you know – the McClatchy High School student newspaper is singing Hitler’s praises.

Was the student newspaper wrong to publish a quote praising Hitler?

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