Student Punished For Flying American Flag

Christopher Hartless showed up to school the other day with two American flags posted in the back of his pickup truck. Click here to join Todd’s private Facebook group for conservatives and Christians.

Bedford County, Virginia is a patriot place – so it was not all that unusual.

But Christopher was pulled out of class the other day and he was told the flags had to go.

School leaders told the teenager that the flags were a distraction. There’s also a school rule banning large flags and banners.  So they revoked the teenager’s parking pass.

Christopher’s parents told television station WSET they plan to homeschool their son.

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The school district says they don’t hate America – pointing out the large flag flying outside the school. They also recite the the pledge of allegiance every morning.

They released a statement to the tv station saying that it’s about student safety.

“Large flags or banners are not allowed to be flown or displayed on vehicles due to their distractive nature.” The underlying concern is student safety and whether or not a banner or flag is large enough to create a distraction for other drivers. There is no mention of stickers in the contract. Students are certainly welcome to have small American flags or stickers of the American flag on their cars. Prior to obtaining the required parking permit, both the student and parent must sign the contract to indicate that they have read and understood the rules, procedures, and expectations for the student driver and that any violation of these rules could result in loss of the privilege to drive and park at school. That stated, we do not comment on individual student disciplinary matters.”

Opinions about the young man are mixed. Many say he should follow the school’s rules and regulations. Others say, not so fast.

“I was saddened to see this young man being reprimanded for his patriotism. A lot of young men put their lives on the line defending that flag and I’m proud to see the next generation honoring it,” one citizen wrote on social media.

It seems to me if a kid loves America so much he’s flying Old Glory in his pickup truck – that’s something we should celebrate – not punish.

Should a student be allowed to fly Old Glory from their pickup truck?

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