Students Defy School, Fly ‘Thin Blue Line’ Flag

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A group of pro-police high school students defied school leaders the other day and flew a flag honoring law enforcement. 

A member of the Saugus High School football team in Santa Clarita, California, ran onto the field waving a giant Thin Blue Line flag. Watch below.

Should football players be allowed to fly the Thin Blue Line flag?

The flag has been at the center of a controversy after school leaders told kids they would no longer be allowed to display the flag. They said it was offensive to some people.

“Right wing extremists used the flag in Charlottesville, they used the flag at the January 6 attack on the capitol,” said Veronica Bradford, with the NAACP Santa Clarita. “So, it is a tool, we feel that it’s used to divide. And it does make Black students feel uncomfortable.”

Superintendent Mike Kuhlman says the flag is divisive.

“Given that some individuals have expressed concern that they interpret the Thin Blue Line flag to be divisive, it occurred to (the coach) that it’s possible that some players on the team might not be entirely enthusiastic about a symbol that is being used to represent the entire team,” Kuhlman told Fox News.

But most of the student body and many local residents protested. They said it was important to honor police officers — especially since law enforcement stopped a school shooter at the high school. 

So on Friday night – the football team defied school leaders and ran onto the field with the Stars and Stripes and the Thin Blue Line flags. 

Congressman Mike Garcia praised the high schoolers on his campaign’s Facebook account.

“I’m proud of the Saugus football team for again displaying their support of law enforcement!” he said. “We should take pride in this support, not shame it. Principled based behavior (not fear-based) at its best!”

These young California patriots learned that sometime you have to do the right thing no matter the cost. 

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