Students For Trump Chairman says Millennials are “Fed Up” with Empty Promises of Democrats

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Students For Trump (SFT) national chairman Ryan Fournier recently told The Todd Starnes Show that he believes youngsters across America are quickly realizing how Democrats’ big-government promises aren’t sustainable in the long run.

“The left has taken advantage of students time and time again,” Fournier said. “That’s an unfortunate thing that they’re being taken advantage of … I think they’re fed up too.”

Fournier “specializes in millennial engagement” and leads “a national student mobilization effort which seeks the reelection of President Donald J. Trump.”

Fournier was surprised at how quickly SFT grew as an organization. “I’m not going to lie. I was skeptical at first,” he told Starnes. Check out the full radio interview here.

“We lost an election in 2008, we lost an election in 2012. And what was the common denominator? Well you had two individuals, mainly establishment elite, who did not connect well with the voters,” he continued.

The Republican Party “had no chance up against the Obama coalition … minority voters, single suburban moms, and young people and students,” Fournier said. “And we were not going to win again with the typical run of the mill candidate. We needed somebody from the outside, somebody to really stir things up. And that’s where Donald Trump came in.”

Fournier told Starnes that SFT seeks to combat the growing number of promises that liberals have dished out to college campuses. “A good example is this carrot and stick approach to student loan forgiveness.”

Democrats “know at the end of the day, that once they get the vote, it’s not going to matter,” he said, adding that winning over students has been Democrats’ “straight path to the White House.”

“That’s where Students For Trump comes in,” Fournier stated. “We just hit 300 chapters” at the start of the year. “We want to be on that campus to educate and form and mobilize students.”

Democrats “have another thing coming,” he promised.