Students Forced to Listen as Teacher Recited X-Rated Poem

Jeremy Dys is roasting a Colorado high school for ignoring their own policy of requiring parental approval before introducing obscene classroom literature.

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Dys – a religious liberty attorney at First Liberty Institute – read off several demands during his interview with The Todd Starnes Show that he believes Steamboat Springs High School should follow after violating the religious liberty of junior student Skylar Cason. Check out the full interview here.

The school can start with an apology, followed by staff member sensitivity training on how to respect students’ religious rights and how to properly abide by current school policies that would have prevented the inappropriate situation, Dys said.

The incident at issue involves Cason’s music literature teacher who not only required the reading of Allen Ginsberg’s “Howl” poem which contains cursing, lewd language and sexual innuendos, but also required students to fill in the blanks where any vulgar words were initially removed.

First Liberty Institute alleges the teacher forced students to listen as he recited words like  “f*ck,” “a**,” “c*nt,” “c*ck,” descriptions of sexual violence against women, and vivid literary depictions of heterosexually and homosexually erotic acts.

“This is deeply offensive to the religious conscious of Skyler,” Dys told Starnes. Teachers “have to get the buy-in of the parents before they do that, so that students could have the opportunity to opt-out or have an alternate assignment.”

“They failed to do that at Steamboat, and they’re going to be held accountable for it,” Dys stated. “I think that’s a real problem.”

“You failed to follow your own policy,” he emphasized.

Dys believes it’s also on parents to do their part by monitoring “what’s happening in their children’s schools” and “showing up at public school board meetings.”

Parents should take whatever “opportunity they have to remind school officials that their job … is to serve parents of these children.”

Dys told Starnes that despite being the victim of religious intolerance, it is Cason who now feels awkward around her music literature teacher following public backlash against the poem and Steamboat. “No student should feel shame and guilt,” Dys stated.