Students: ‘We are Just Trying to Gain Back Our Rights as Citizens’

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Teenagers across the nation are staging protests at their public schools – angry over mandatory mask and vaccine policies. 

In Germantown, Tennessee unmasked students were sent to in-school suspension. Same thing happening in other parts of the nation.

“There is no inherent or legal right of citizens to make comments doing during a school board meeting,” one school leader said when parents raised concerns.

One Virginia school district threatened to have unmasked students arrested and charged with trespassing. 

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“It is important that I point out to you,” the assistant principal at a Loudoun County elementary school said in a recording. “They are not allowed on campus or on Loudoun County school property. Starting tomorrow it will be considered trespassing, so it’s important that I make that statement to you.”

In Washougal, Washington dozens of young people held held a huge demonstration.

“If a staff member asks you to put a mask on, you say ‘no, thank you’ and keep walking,” one student organizer told his classmates. “And if they kick you out, then go home.”

Video of the protest has gone viral — seen by more than one million people on social media. You can watch the video above.

One student organizer said the protest was not an excuse to be rude to teachers.

“We want this to be a peaceful, respectful movement – we are just trying to gain back our rights as citizens,” one of the students told his classmates.

And that – is why this journalist – still has hope for our nation. 

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