Teacher Caught on Tape Berating Conservative Parents to Eighth Grader

A taxpayer-funded school teacher in Maine was captured on a secret audio recording berating conservative parents who support former President Donald Trump.

Should Americans Homeschool Their Children?

The Maine Wire obtained a copy of the recording between an eighth grader at Gray-New Gloucester Middle School and a study hall teacher. The local publication named the teacher, but Starnes Media Group is not.

In the audio, the teacher tells the student that his Trump-supporting parents are uneducated victims of propaganda before proceeding to make several questionable or outright false claims about Trump, President Joe Biden, and Vice President Kamala Harris.

“Your father and stepfather are just caught up in the propaganda,” Cook tells the middle schooler. “They believe the lies. And that’s the whole point of lying is that people believe it just ‘cause you say it.”

Cook says that when she sees someone wearing a Trump MAGA hat, she thinks to herself, “that’s somebody who needs to be educated.”

The instructor denigrates former president Trump, claiming he doesn’t pay taxes, while praising the supposed accomplishments of Biden and Harris. She also claims that white people do not go to jail for drug crimes and that “rich white men” are afraid they won’t make as much money because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Maine Wire

The teacher went on to call President Trump a “liar and a cheater and he’s not that smart.”

Asked whether Biden and Trump got college degrees, Cook tells the student Biden is very well educated but Trump went to a poor college.

“Biden is very well educated,” she said. “Trump has a degree from a college, a very very low level college. And he was a very poor student.”

Trump graduated from the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business in 1968. Wharton is widely regarded as one of the best business schools in America.

Biden attended the University of Delaware and later received a law degree from Syracuse University. Biden, who has been caught several times plagiarizing both in his academic career and his political career, has claimed that he finished at the top of his class at Syracuse, but school records show he graduated the law school ranking 76th in a class of 85. Biden has also been caught embellishing his academic record and fabricating accomplishments on several occasions.

Maine Wire

School Board Chairman Sam Pfeifle told Maine Wire he was disappointed in the recorded conversation

“It’s clearly unacceptable for a teacher to be saying those things to students in their classroom. It doesn’t follow our controversial topics policy. I don’t think it follows our mission. I don’t think it’s kind,” he said.

Home school your children, America.

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