VIDEO: Teacher Orders Fourth-Graders to Reveal Sexual Orientation

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A fourth-grade teacher posted a disturbing video on social media. The unnamed teacher said she had instructed her students to walk into a closet.

Then, the students were told to emerge from the closet and announce their sexual preferences. Watch the video below after the advertisement plays.

“Fourth grade is the perfect age for children to really start exploring their sexual orientation and gender identities,” she said.

“I would have the kids one at a time go into the closet and then they would come out and share with the class what their sexual orientation is,” she said.

The teacher said the children who announced they were LGBT received a cupcake.

“The kids that came out and said they were straight I didn’t give them anything because they were contributing to a hetero-normative society,” the teacher said.

And in Los Angeles all grade schools are being invited to join Rainbow clubs – organizations that promote the LGBT lifestyle to children as young as three-years-old. Every grade is expected to celebrate National Coming Out Week.

My friend, Pastor Jack Hibbs, warned parents to keep their children at home this week – do whatever is necessary to keep them away from the perverted evils of the world’s reprobates.

Pastor Hibbs says it’s time to fight back and our children are the prize.

Remember the song performed by the San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus. They are coming for our children. That’s what they sang. And you should believe them.

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