Teacher Orders Jewish First Graders to Identify Themselves

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First graders at a public school in Los Angeles were forced by their teacher to identity whether or not they were Jewish.

Conservative pundit Dave Rubin said a fan had alerted him to the shocking incident that reportedly happened at the East Valley campus of Citizens of the World Charter Schools.

“The teacher asked the class (of) first graders to identify who was Jewish and who was Palestinian,” the concerned fan told Rubin.

The children were also provided lessons on “genocide” in what was supposed to be a math class.

Parents Defending Education, a national advocacy group, discovered the teacher’s social media pages her pro-Palestinian leanings.

“I started by telling them that we weren’t gonna do math at the usual time bc sometimes there are big things in the world that need our attention and we need to interrupt our usual routines to make space to learn and talk about what’s happening,” the teacher wrote. “Then I asked them this to prompt conversation about human needs and ‘rights.'”

As for the lesson in genocide?

Should Americans homeschool their kids?

“Then I asked them what they already knew about what’s happening (they knew a lot and had questions) and I drew a little map of the occupied territories of Palestine, then they organically started coming up w ideas for what could happen (my fav was a kid who was like ‘what if they just give the land back to Palestine and find somewhere else to live?’),” the teacher said.

From the river to the sea…

This is the type of radical indoctrination I wrote about in “Culture Jihad: How to Stop the Left From Killing a Nation.” Our taxpayer-funded education system has become an incubator for Jewish and Christian hate. Click here to read my book.

It’s not the first time in history that Jewish young people have been forced to identify themselves, but it may be the first known instance on American soil. During World War II the Nazis forced Jews to wear yellow badges. They were subjected to horrifying atrocities.

But never again.

Christians in the United States must rise up and stand alongside our Jewish countrymen. We must say, “Never again.”

The teacher at the CWC school must never again be allowed to teach in a classroom. And if the charter school refuses to intervene, lawmakers must defund the school and padlock the doors.

We will not tolerate taxpayer-funded antisemitism.

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